Welcome to My Soul Kitchen: The Sketches of Armenuhi Yeganyan


Life’s idle moments often push us to peek into corners of our mind we tend to shy away from. These spaces are often dark and riddled with spiraling passageways that lead us not to hidden answers but to multiplying questions. It was one particularly idle moment that pushed 24 year old Moscow-based illustrator and PR specialist Armenuhi Yeganyan to start her own blog, Black & Salty, an artistic homage to those shadowy thoughts we curl up against.

“This is a soul kitchen. Please, take off your shoes!” reads the tagline. And if you’re wondering whether you have your own soul kitchen, well, we all do. “It’s a place where you are not afraid to look inside and accept what you see,” she said. “It can be beautiful or ugly or confusing or inspiring. In my soul kitchen, you can find little excerpts of my thoughts and experiences – my ideas, dreams, illusions.”

Armenuhi’s illustrations are often a mix of light and dark, comical and weighty. Her Armenia-inspired collection (Surj time! Dolma time! Pulpulak time!) transform our brief daily time-outs into brightly colored events.

Armenuhi has no educational background in art, and only began sketching after a friend gifted her with a very expensive notebook that she “was so afraid of spoiling with stupid words.” Her favorite piece, All-Seeing We Are, reflects a common theme throughout her life and art – that of the constant presence of the individual eye we keep turned inward. “Never be afraid of who you are – your black and white sides,” she said. “We change throughout our lives. We will never be the same person we were yesterday, but we can be better. It’s up to us to choose.”

In 2015, while living in Armenia, Armenuhi was chosen by Yerevan City Hall for a mural project that would attempt to bring new life to some of the city’s neglected building entrances. She painted two murals, one of which was her own sketch, before the project failed to find continued funding. Her mural (featured below) can be seen at the entrance of 11 Charents, in the district of Avan.

You can follow Armenuhi’s blog and view more of her work here.


“All-Seeing We Are”

All-Seeing We Are - Armenuhi Yeganyan - The Armenite

“Yoga Girl”

Yoga Girl - Armenuhi Yeganyan - The Armenite

“Martiros Saryan Variation”

Martiros Saryan Variation - Armenuhi Yeganyan - The Armenite

“Lavash Time”

Lavash Time - Armenuhi Yeganyan - The Armenite

“Gini (Litc) Time”

Gini Litc Time - Armenuhi Yeganyan - The Armenite

“Pulpulak Time”

Pulpulak Time - Armenuhi Yeganyan - The Armenite

“Surj Time”

Surj Time - Armenuhi Yeganyan - The Armenite

“Dolma Time”

Dolma Time - Armenuhi Yeganyan - The Armenite


Vera - Armenuhi Yeganyan - The Armenite

“Spikes of Pain”

Spikes of Pain - Armenuhi Yeganyan - The Armenite

“Twisted World”

Twisted World - Armenuhi Yeganyan - The Armenite

“Dilijan Project”

Dilijan Project - Armenuhi Yeganyan - The Armenite

“Pear Man”

Pear Man - Armenuhi Yeganyan - The Armenite

“Dark Ararat”

Dark Ararat - Armenuhi Yeganyan - The Armenite

“Face of Yerevan”

Face of Yerevan - Armenuhi Yeganyan - The Armenite

“Yerevan Murals”

Yerevan Murals - Armenuhi Yeganyan - The Armenite

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