A Note About The Armenite


The Armenite lives.

It’s been challenging building a financially and philosophically independent Armenian journalistic outlet from the ground up. The Armenite is not and has not ever been funded by any government, NGO, or wealthy individual with a political agenda. I feel strongly about having such an outlet and that’s why I’m committed to making it work.

I’ve tried many different operational styles with varying success and will try yet another. In this iteration, we are going to reduce our scope and, at least initially, I will be doing most of the writing myself, with a sprinkling of pieces from other writers.

Those interested can feel free to continue to make submissions with the understanding that 1) they be original pieces not published elsewhere, 2) that we reserve the right to not publish submissions, and 3) that it is unlikely that a piece will be published immediately so our preference is for pieces which aren’t time-sensitive. You can send your submissions to me at editor at thearmenite dot com.

Thanks for reading and for your continued support.

Kind Regards,

William Bairamian


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