Nikol Pashinyan supporters are outraged at the staging of a performance depicting the execution of Nikola Ceausescu, choosing to forget a much darker past of such occurrences.Continue Reading

Armenians love the Diaspora when they need something from it. But as soon as they go off script, they’re attacked – often by other Diasporans.Continue Reading

Wrath of Achilles - Peter Paul Rubens - (c) The Courtauld Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation_The_Armenite

There is nothing wrong with telling ignoramuses who speak in slogans and platitudes that they are ignoramuses. Indeed, it is necessary.Continue Reading


Artist Robin Chuter, originally from the UK, speaks to us about his work with ebru art about which he will be presenting at the Hartak Festival 2016.Continue Reading

Armenian Scholarships 2015 - The Armenite

We’ve scoured the Internet to find the best Armenian scholarships for 2015. Here are over 30 scholarships and more than $1 million to help pay for your education. Continue Reading