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What does Armenite mean?

-ite is a suffix meaning native, descendant, or follower of, joined to the armen- prefix. The natives of Armenia, the descendants of Armen, the followers of Armenians are the inspiration for our stories.

Do you know that Armenite is a town in Bulgaria?

Yes, we are aware of this and it is a matter of pure coincidence. We promise our readers that this site is not an elaborate conspiracy to, figuratively, put Armenite, Bulgaria, on the map. Because, you know, it’s already there.

Is The Armenite a blog?

No. We are a media outlet with an emphasis on doing great journalism. Our writers can have blogs on The Armenite but blogging is only one component of our work.

Do you have any affiliations?

Yes. We are affiliated with the school of thought that Armenians kick ass.

But are you, like, Ramgavar, Dashnak, Hnchak, Serzhakan, Levonakan, Gengis Khanakan?

Frankly, no. Our interest is in conveying information to you according to our own principles and not as a matter of any party ideology. If anything we say overlaps with something someone else says, such is life. We can only rejoice that there are others who agree with us. Nevertheless, our ideas are our own.

Aren’t there enough Armenian media organizations?

We feel that there is always room for new perspectives and ideas. In thinking communities, vibrancy in information production and communication is key to progress and development. We think we offer something unique to our readers but we think there should be more outlets that extend the diversity of views in the Armenian community worldwide, even if we don’t agree with them.

Can I write for The Armenite?

If you’re open-minded, eloquent, love writing, and are ready to offer something new, then yes, we’d love to have you! See our Submissions page for more information.

Do you think FAQs are just places where the site’s manager gets to answer questions they wish people were asking?

Yes. And we’ll admit we don’t even think this question has any potential of being a real FAQ.

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