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We respect your privacy and in accordance with journalistic ethics, we do not divulge our sources without their consent. As such, you can feel free to submit tips using the form on this page.

However, we understand that when transferring information about abuse, corruption, or other sensitive issues, a whistleblower who wants to do the right thing may not want to use their personal email address or they may want to cover their tracks on the computer they’re using. That’s why we’ve included some tools below that you can use to send us sensitive information.

We do not endorse any of these services nor do we make any guarantees on their behalf. The information is here for use at your own discretion.


Anonymous Web/TOR
You may require an added level of security and anonymity and if you do, you may consider using TOR client. Although you’ve probably heard that nothing on the Internet is 100% secure, TOR offers layers of protection against many types of monitoring. Information:¬†https://torproject.org

Anonymous Email

Hide My Ass Anonymous Email

If you choose to use an anonymous mail service, you can send an email to [email protected]

If you have a video you want to upload to You Tube but want to make sure that it’s not made public before it’s on The Armenite, choose “Unlisted” under “Privacy” when you’re uploading the video.

We are a professional news organization. That means that however juicy the story, we attempt to verify ALL tips prior to publishing. Unless the tip itself offers verifiable confirmation of what is happening, we will make every effort to verify or corroborate the information before it appears on The Armenite . It’s nothing personal¬†– we just take our reputation seriously and we want to make sure our readers have available to them accurate information. Thank you for understanding[/column]


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