About Us

The Armenite offers news, commentary, and analysis on Armenian culture, politics, society, and history. We are driven by a higher standard.

Our Mission

The Armenite is an independent Armenian media outlet of bold, smart, and original journalism. We are inspired by our love of the Armenian Nation and our mission is to tell its story. Through stimulating and innovative content, we want to build a culture of vibrant, eloquent, and civil debate from which unorthodox ideas proliferate, deeper understanding is gained, and a new paradigm is constructed.

Working in the public interest, we will be relentless and unapologetic in bringing perspective to a discourse besieged by cynics and a stubborn fatalism that has trodden upon the psyche of the Armenian Nation, unduly hindering its ambitions.

However difficult or unpopular, with virtue as our guide, we will question everything in pursuit of the truth, that great agent of progress. As voracious students of the past, fervent scribes of the present, and unflinching torchbearers of the future, we will establish a higher standard for the Armenian Nation.

The Armenite was founded by William Bairamian.