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A Higher Standard

The Armenian Nation is small but its potential is big. For that potential to be realized, the Nation and its members must be exceptional.

To be exceptional, you must be excellent, you must be disciplined, you must assume responsibility for your fate, and you must demand the highest standard of yourself.

Before calling on anyone to adopt these principles, you must do it yourself. And that is what we will do.

Welcome to The Armenite.

We are a new journalistic outlet concerned with all things Armenian and we believe in these principles; they will guide the work that we do here. In demanding the most of ourselves, we trust that others will do the same.

A new line of leaders and thinkers will determine the future of the Armenian Nation and they will do it by achieving a higher standard, in pursuit of the highest standard.

You’ll be hearing from us.


William Bairamian

Publisher, The Armenite


  1. armenian armenian Oct 27, 2014

    refreshing, exciting, and enticing. Armenian periodicals need modernism , I hope this stays to be our outlet for decades to come. I will be eager to see the evolution of this great adventure.

    keep up the great work and best of luck

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