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After #ElectricYerevan, Attempt to Revive Protests (VIDEO)

Attempting to regain the momentum of #ElectricYerevan, a few dozen protesters gathered on Baghramyan Avenue, near the intersection with Proshyan Avenue, and tried to rush into oncoming traffic and “occupy” the street as they had done early in the summer. Police repeatedly chased and removed them, eventually forming a wall to prevent any further attempts to enter the street.The protest took place on September 1 and coincided with the national first day of school.


  1. Avery Avery Sep 3, 2015

    Here is another video from the circus:
    That guy Vaghinak Shushanian has some real anger management issues.
    And the Armenian police continue showing an incredible level of discipline and civility.
    Don’t know about other countries, but here in the US, you touch a cop, and they will beat the tar out of you.
    Every time.
    Then you will be charged with resisting arrest, assault and battery on a peace officer (a felony), will be hogtied and taken to the local police jail.
    You will then appear in front of a judge.
    You will be found guilty, and if this not your first time tangling with the law, you will spend some quality time in jail.
    It is truly tragic that these dozen or so social misfits and troublemakers are allowed (and encouraged by some) to disrupt the daily lives of 1+ million residents of Yerevan. The hooligans are detained for a couple hours, are quickly released, and the circus starts again.
    What a joke.
    Except it is not a joke that a couple hundred cops have to be regularly deployed for long periods to prevent these crazies from being run over by speeding cars.
    (For which authorities will be blamed, of course).

  2. Avery Avery Oct 2, 2015

    [Deloitte & Touche Says Rise of Electricity Prices in Armenia is Justified]
    Now that a well known and respected American – not Russian, nor Armenian – accounting firm has confirmed that the rate hike, however unpalatable, was justified, are Vaghinak Shushanian and his “activist” friends going to apologize the RoA authorities for all the troubles they caused ?
    What about all the damage to private property and economic losses to business due to their illegal closure of Bagramian Ave for two weeks ?
    What about the enormous expenses to taxpayers necessitated by 24×7 deployment of police resources ?
    Must be nice being an “activist”
    You break laws, you sleep on the street for two weeks not having to go to work to earn a living, protected 24×7 by police, cause massive disruption to the lives of other Yerevan residents….and then you get to go home.
    No consequences.
    Where can one apply to become an “activist”: seems like a great job.

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