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The Lord’s Prayer (Our Father)

The Lord’s Prayer, also known as Our Father, in Armenian word-by-word, transliterated, translated, and with etymological notes, as originally published on Arak-29.

The Lord’s Prayer is:

  • written as Տէրունական աղօթք in the classical orthography and Տերունական աղոթք in the reformed orthography.
    • pronounced Terunakan aghotk in Eastern Armenian.
    • pronounced Derunakan aghotk in Western Armenian.
  • also known as Հայր Մեր (Hayr Mer), or Our Father.
    • the pronunciation is the same in Eastern and Western Armenian.

ՀայրHayrFatherEng. father/Arm h = Eng f = Lat. p, as in paternal
մերmerourEng. our/Ger. unser/Lat. noster
(pater noster = hayr mer = father our)
որvorwho=Eng. who/Lat. quo
յերկինսherginsin heavenh=in, ergin=heaven, s=in, h-prefix from i before vowels, i+yergins = hergins, i+yergri = hergri
եսesare-thouLat. es, Fr. es, Span. estas/
-s ending means you (singular), thou
սուրբsurphallowedholy; see Sanskrit çubhra clean
եղիցիyeghitsibeEng. colony, wheel, cycle/Arm. yeghi=be, become, -tsi =may it, -tsin= may they/Arm. gh = Eng. l, Boghos=Paul, agh=salt
անունanunnameEng. name, noun
քոkothyEng. thy, Lat. tuo (tuo=>kuo=>ko)
եկեսցէyegestsecomeEng. come, Lat. convene, yeg– come, estse = may it (as in Arm. gyank– ‘life’ Eng. quick, Lat. vivacious)
արքայութիւնarkayutyunkingdomEng. arch as in monarch (Gk.) utyun=tion
քոkothysee above; related kez, zkez, zken=you, kum=your
եղիցինyeghitsinbesee above; -n=they, Sp. estan, Lat. exeunt, Fr. sont
կամքgamkwillEng. care, charity, God’s caring wish for us/Arm. pare-gam (pari=good): well-wisher or friend
քո kothysee above
որպէսvorbesashow from vor= which + -bes=way, as in inchbes es = how are you?
յերկինսherginsin heavens=plural as in heavens (note: base word is yergink)
եւyevandEng. epi, epidermis, epitaph, meaning, on top of (p>v)
յերկրիhergriearthEng. earth, h=on + yergir=earth, Arm. yergink ‘heaven’ derives from Arm. yergir
զհացz-hatsbreadz=direct object (of dur, give) hats= Eng. food=Latin pasture, Fr. pain, as in companion, someone who breaks bread (pan) with (com) you, as in, Arm. unt=with + ger=eat =>unger; hov-iv = someone who pastures the ewes, i.e., shepherd, pastor
մերmeroursee above; related forms: mek=we, mez=to us, zmez=us, merots=our
հանապազորդhanabazortdailyhanabaz=continual; ort=ly
տուրdurgive-thoudu=Eng. donate, -r = you sg., thou, see danir lead
մեզmezussee above
այսօրaysorthis dayays=Eng. this; -or=day
եւyevandsee above
թողtoghforgiveEng. tolerate, Lat. tollis =take away, see toghu-mk
մեզmezussee above
զպարտիսz-bardisdebtsz- =direct object (of togh) -s =pl. direct object, see bard-a-ban =debt-keeper
մերmeroursee above
որպէսvorbesassee above
եւyevandsee above
մեքmekwesee above, mek becomes menk in Mod. Arm.
թողումքtoghumkforgivesee above, -mk = we, as in havadamk=we believe
մերոցmerotsouree above, -ots/-ats=to pl.
պարտապանացbardabanatsdebtorssee above, -ats=to pl., indirect object (of toghumk), give pardon to debtors
եւyevandsee above
մի՛minotmi = don’t, not to be confused with miayn, mimyants = one, one another
տանիր danirleadEng. donate, give over to, -r=thou, you singular
զմեզzmezusz- direct object (of danir)
իiintoEng. in, means at, into, on, from depending on context and suffix of following word
փորձութիւնportsutyuntemptationEng. peril -utyun = -tion
այլaylbutEng. else
փրկեաprg-yadeliverrescue, save, as in Prg-ich, Savior, –ya=thou, you singular, command
իifromEng. in=from due to suffix char-e
չարէchar-eevilch=not, ar=create, as in ar-ar-ich=Creator, constructive – creative vs. destructive – evil, -e=from
Originally published on Arak-29 in Notes on Holy Communion in the Armenian Apostolic Church.


  1. Lois Argenian-Hartman Lois Argenian-Hartman Jun 25, 2022

    I am born in Southern California and did not learn to read Armenian and can barely speak. I have looked all my life for a verbatim translation of our “Hyar Mer” into English so I could better understand our most precious prayer. I am so pleased to have found it here, today. I thank you with all my heart and will sing in with new proudness in Church now.

  2. John Minasian John Minasian Aug 4, 2022

    I wanted to buy coffee. However, you don’t have PayPal to charge to. I worry about posting my credit card number.

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