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Azerbaijan Attacks Armenia’s Civilian Population in Tavush

Azerbaijan has subjected the civilian population of Armenia’s Tavush population to relentless bombardment since July 12, 2020, when Armenia’s military first repelled an incursion by Azerbaijani military into Armenia’s territory.

The attacks on Armenia’s civilian population are a violation of numerous international laws, as well as of the Geneva Conventions.

Villager wounded in Chinari, civilian buildings heavily damaged

A civilian in the Chinari village of Tavush, Armenia, was reported wounded by an Azerbaijani drone strike, reports Armenia’s government.

Video from Chinari shows the destruction of a home riddled with artillery fire by the Azerbaijani military.

Source: Armenian Unified Infocenter

Attack on Kindergarten in Aygepar

The kindergarten in Aygepar, a border village in Tavush, was also shelled by the Azerbaijani military. Below are the before and after photos.

A resident of Aygepar village standing in front of the bombed kindergarten promises to rebuild it better than before.

Armenia’s Ombudsman Finds Shrapnel, Ordnance

Armenia’s Ombudsman, Arman Tatoyan, is reporting from Tavush and has released photo evidence of shrapnel and unexploded ordnance used against the civilian population of the region.

Tavush governor reports on damages, warns civilians to sleep in bunkers

Tavush’s governor, Hayk Chobanyan, reports on July 16, 2020, that Azerbaijani fire has resulted in 51 cases of damage including buildings, infrastructure, vehicles, and livestock.

The governor had previously urged residents of the province to sleep in basements and bunkers to prevent against injuries from Azerbaijani bombardment of civilian areas.

Armenian girl sleeping in a bunker in Tavush because of Azerbaijani bombardment (Source: Armenian Unified Infocenter)

We reported earlier that a vehicle of Armenia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations was also attacked and destroyed by an Azerbaijani drone.

Armenia’s Investigative Committee releases report and photos from frontline

Armenia’s Investigative Committee has released photos and first-hand evidence of damage by Azerbaijani heavy artillery in the Tavush region. Based on its findings, it has announced 30 criminal charges.

The Investigative Committee has found that between July 12 and 16, there have been attacks using different types of military equipment including a tank, six attack drones, 82mm and 120mm mortars, and a D-30 howitzer, which have released altogether released 150 rounds.

Sources:, Armenian Unified Infocenter, and Armenia’s Ombudsman’s office.


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