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Our Principles

The Armenite is an outlet for journalism before it is anything else. We have assembled these ten principles, each equally important, which guide our work. They marry core journalistic values with ones that reflect our identity as an Armenian media outlet. These, as well as our mission, form the basis of our pursuit for a higher standard.

Love the Armenian Nation.
All of it: Armenia, Diaspora, the people, the culture, the history. We believe that if we are going to be dedicated to the work we are doing at The Armenite, the source of our dedication must be love of our subject: the Armenian Nation.

Seek the truth.
The foundation of journalism is a desire for the truth. We believe that this must be the motivation of every journalist – and it is ours.

Question everything.
It is important for us to think critically and challenge our own assumptions. We believe that this is a necessary step not just for identifying problems but for finding solutions.

Be honest and factual.
The reputation of a journalistic outlet is its most precious asset. We believe that the best way to gain the trust of our readers is to respect them by being honest and factual.

Serve the public interest.
As journalists, we are first responsible to the public interest. We believe that we must serve this charge faithfully by being thoughtful in our work and constructive in our criticism while scorning the magnetic allure of sensational and lurid journalism.

Be original.
Good ideas come from thinking deeply – but they also come from thinking differently. We loathe clichés, which numb the mind by displacing intelligent thought and insult the vibrancy of our existence. We believe that in order for us to progress, we must be original in thought and expression.

Shed light on dark corners.
Exposing the hidden, the secret, and the forgotten is integral to a free, aware, and open society. We believe that this is an invaluable contribution of journalism and one we embrace fully.

Be exceptional; set the standard.
If we expect something of others, we first need to expect it of ourselves. We believe that we need to be the standard bearer of Armenian journalism, exceptional in our work, if we want others to do the same.

Do great journalism.
Stories are better when they are told well. We believe that, as a nation, we deserve the highest quality journalism available – and we intend to produce it.

Be fearless.
Journalists must be willing to push the boundaries beyond what is comfortable; they must be willing to say unpopular things; to be criticized, shunned, and hated. We believe that to do great journalism, we must work without fear.

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